Questions & Answers

How do I get to R-C?

When is Check in?

Our guests and registration will open at 9:00a.m. and will continue until 10:45a.m. in the Dining Hall.

Can we arrive early?

 No, our staff will be preparing registration, t shirts, camp sites, and so forth. Showing up early will only slow us down and further delay check-in.  If you arrive early, please drive to Christopher Creek and wait in town until 9am so that we do not have a line of cars backing up the highway,  or wait in the Camp's parking lot. 

What do we do if we arrive late?

Check in at Camp Headquarters, (Kevin's Lodge) on the Camp Map.  

Can we hike in and around R-C before registration opens?

No, we are surrounded by U.S. Forest Service land and are not permitted to have Scouts there; additionally, our own camp will be closed as we are preparing for your arrival and cannot have extra staff supervise. Please do not sneak around the perimeter of camp to go hiking as this could result in us getting our permission to use the horse trails around camp pulled. There are many trails in the area nearby, please feel welcome to get a morning hike on one of them! .

When is Check Out?

Check out is the morning of your 4th day. We will serve breakfast and hope to have the last camper out by 9am.

Can I check out Early?

After the camp fire on night 3, you are free to check out if you would like to. As morning 4 is on Sunday and Monday depending on the session, we understand that many may like to leave a bit early for religious obligations, work, or other needs. Morning 4 will have breakfast served and check out, but no program activities. 

Can we Have a particular camp site?

Campsites are assigned based on the number of camp registrations and medical/health needs. If you would like to avoid certain camp sites, please let the Camp Director know, as we know many campers have been here several years and like trying new camp sites! We cannot make promises for any particular site 

Will I be camping with my pack?

Yes, campsites are organized by pack, and can fit up to 24 campers. Larger packs may be divided but placed into neighboring sites, and smaller groups will be put together to fill the sites. .

Can we have campfires?

The Forest Service dictates whether we have campfires.  It's best to check their website, or check with camp a week before you are scheduled to arrive

What forms do I need to bring?

One horse release per participant, Medical forms A&B for each participant, Activity consent form for each youth. 

Do I need medical form C?

No, this is a 72-hour camp and form C (the physical) is only necessary for camps over 72 hours. While we do recommend you have an annual physical for your scouting adventures, it is not necessary for Camp R-C. 

Can we have a meal that meets dietary needs (gluten free, vegetarian, avoids allergies, etc)?

Yes, your dietary needs should have been listed when you registered, but if something is new or you want to double check, please let me know ASAP and we can prepare an alternative meal. 

If I have a CPAP machine, how can I charge it?

You can charge your machine at the Director’s Cabin or Kevins Lodge. Please notify the Camp Director about this need ahead of time 

What is the situation with the crawdad competition this year?

We will discuss it during camp orientation on your first day.

Can we use traps for crawdads?

Please do not bring traps for crawdads, unless you are collecting them for a crawdad boil. If you are planning on doing that, please notify the Camp Director ahead of time, as well as afterwards so he can help eat some of the crawdads with you! 

When do we pay off the balance of our registration fees?

Camp fees should be paid off already. If you have not completed them, please contact Amy Jo at council at 602.955.7747 ext 239 

Can we register on site?

It is possible, but please try to avoid it. Please register online beforehand so that we can plan camp sites accordingly as well as not be in a situation where we have to send anyone home because we are too full to add new campers. 

Are squirt guns allowed at camp?

Due to controversies surrounding guns in the Nation, National BSA has stated squirt guns ARE NOT allowed at camp.

Does the Trading Post accept Credit cards?

We do accept Credit Cards.

Will there be church services at camp this year?

 There will be a nondenominational service and reflection Sunday morning  after check-out.  The interfaith service will be held beginning at 9:30 a.m.  ( Location TBA.)  Our purpose for this meeting is for fellowship and to help cub scouts meet this requirement that is in their Adventures.