Can I Fish at Camp?


Absolutely !  We have a creek full of fish.  Walking Christopher Creek Cub Scouts and their families search for their own "honey hole".  The creek is stocked by the Arizona Game & Fish with rainbow trout waiting to be teased by a worm.  A State fishing license is required.  There are different licences available. Check out your options. Click here

Fishing Gear


We encourage campers to bring their own gear. There is limited fishing gear at the fishing area.  Bait, hooks, and other fishing gear is sold at the Trading Post.  

Keep in mind you'll be fishing in a creek.  Floating salmon eggs, flies, worms, and small lures are scout favorites.

What do I do with the fish I catch?


What do I do with the fish I catch?  There are several things you can do, here's some ideas:

* You can eat them!  Talk to the folks up at the Dining Hall,  they'll allow you to cook your fish there.  You'll do the cooking and clean-up.

* You can return them to the creek! Handle them as little as possible, snap a quick picture, and return them gently  to the water.

* You can take them to the Dining Hall for cool storage. We'll freeze them for you.  All we ask is you take them home when you leave camp.