Dining Hall



Cub Scouts and families line up at the dining hall prepared to receive their food trays.  

Please take the WHOLE tray

It's important that campers take the entire tray of food even if they don't eat all that's on it..

Salad Bar

There is a salad bar provided at lunch and dinner.  A breakfast bar is provided in the moring along with a hot cerqal  

Let us know of any special dietary NEEDS

Campers with dietary needs such as Diabetes, IBS,  Gluten Free,  etc.  can be accommodated.  Make sure you mark this on your Pack registration and reaffirm this information at check-in.

Clean up

Each Pack will be scheduled to participate in cleaning up the Dining Hall after a meal.  It's a great way to build responsibility and..... the popcycles after clean up are to bad either!