Learning Skills today to use tomorrow

Camping Skills


Many of the Adventures in the Cub Scout handbook require camping skills.   Cub Scouts will engage in activities that will teach them the proper ways of such things as tent building, compass, the proper way to set up camp and much more.  Skills learned at camp is just the beginning, these skills will be built upon as a scout continues on through the scouting program.   After learning these skills the scouts and their families will use them in a fun competition called the R-C Challenge!   

Knot Tying


Which knot is used to secure a tent rope to a stake?  What's the difference between a half-hitch and a double half-hitch? How quick can you tie a square knot?   By the time a cub scout leaves R-C they will know the answers to these questions and understand the importance of each knot.  Watch out!  Once a scout knows a knot they will tie up anything not moving!

Solar Cooking


Arizona has a ton of Sunlight.  What better way to take advantage of it than to use it for cooking!  Scouts will learn to make a solar cooker and then cook a tasty dessert.  No pizza box will be safe after camping at R-C!