Crawdads King of Christopher Creek!


They are snappy! They are Ugly! They come in all Sizes !

Which Pack is the "Baddest Bunch of Crawdad Catchers in Camp"?  Christopher Creek is loaded with these critters, we'll collect 25-30 pounds a week, and they just keep coming!  You haven't experienced camp if you haven't chased a mess of crawdads around in that creek.    Bring your buckets, and have some fun!  The Pack with the greatest numbers of crawdads (by weight) will be named  with the covenant title of "Baddest Crawdad Catchers of Camp!"  There will also be recognition for the camper, short or tall , for the LARGEST Crawdad caught during the week.  



We are actually helping Christopher Creek and its riparian area.  The Arizona Game & Fish Department has labeled crawdads as an evasive species.(Click Here)  They want them pulled out of the creek with no returns.   What do we do at camp to be ecology minded?  Conservation is important to us,   The Outdoor Code & Leave No Trace Pledge is very valuable to the BSA movement.  We clear the creek, have fun doing it, and do it with a purpose.


We do our part....we eat them! yum!!!

Yes we eat them!  And boy are they delicious!  After being weighed, we prep our crawdads for the Directors Crawdad Boil!  We sloop those juicy critters into a huge pot, they are boiled with seasoning and fixins and served to our campers!  Each camper who eats a crawdad receives the covenanted Golden Fork  Some campers eat just one, but then ......they all hang out at the boil to get their share of this wonderful delicacy .  THERE AINT NOTIN' BETTER THAN RIPPEN OF THAT HEAD SUCKING OUT THE JUICE AND PEELIN' THAT THAR TAIL FOR SOME DEEEEEEELICIOUS MEAT!