Arts & Crafts


Cub scout Adventure

Throughout the Adventures for Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, & Webelos there are craft projects stated for different requirements.  Many of these requirements can be completed by an art or craft project while at camp.  For the 2019  camp sessions art & crafts may be worked on during free time.  or in  the afternoons after lunch.  Art will not be a class in the class schedule.


Art & Craft Projects

Packs may elect to bring art projects that can be competed in the art area at camp, or purchase art and craft projects from  the camp's Trading Post.  The Trading Post will be carrying projects such as;  leather work, soap carving, basketry, painting neckerchief slides etc.



Each year campers receive a totem at registration to wear during camp activities. Totems can be decorated at the art area during free time. We have many different leather working stamps , including alphabet stamps.  Make it your own!