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Vikings Take Flight !

R-C Family Adventure Camp


R-C Scout Camp


Dust off your hiking boots, and get set for a program filled with adventure, fellowship, great food and of course tons of fun!
Archery, Astronomy, BB Guns, Camping & Compass Skills, Fishing, Hiking, Horseback Riding and More!

R-C strives to be an inclusive camp for the entire family! While our program is developed for Cub Scouts and their parents to have a great time in scouting together, we do welcome grandparents and siblings, although we ask that the kiddos under 5 be left at home!

Family Adventure Camp Fees


The Adventure !

R-C and the surrounding area is situated in the heart of the largest ponderosa pine forest in the world.  Couple this with the Scout Oath and Law and you set the stage to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Ray Webb Camp Director

Camp Director for Family Adventure, Webelos, & Equestrian Camps - Ray Webb

In 1973 I began my Scout Camp experience at Camp Raymond.  I worked on staff there 1974-1978.  Beginning  early 1991  I  became the Scoutcraft Director  at Camp Geronimo.  Later the Nature, Muzzleloading Directors, and the Staff Scoutmaster.  Becoming a K-8 school principal put a hold on my summer adventures at camp. In 2017 I retired and moved to Payson. I began my adventures at R-C in 2017 beginning as Nature Director, last year I enjoy being Program Director.  This year as Director I am truly looking forward to bringing my experience to R-C.  As an Eagle Scout, the Scout Law & Oath helped shape me into the man I am today. It's time to pay it forward  while enjoying the beauty of R-C!

Webelos Encampment

June 9th - 12th

 Check-in Time:  1:00 pm Day One.

Check-out Time:  10:00 am Day Four

Webelos Only

The Webelos Encampment is designed to help Webelos work on requirements that will help them prepare  for  crossing over to Scouting,  and activities that are found in  the Webelos Handbook to earn pins for their shoulder ribbons.

Registration for Webelos Encampment

Equestrian Camp

June 16th - 19th

 Check-in Time:  1:00 pm Day One.

Check-out Time:  10:00 am Day Four

Limited Registration !

Camper numbers will be limited.  The camp's numbers will be dictated by the number of horses we have to ride.  Don't wait! get registered today!

Registration for Equestrian Camp

Important Information


Vikings on the Mogollon Rim!  Who would have thought!  Get ready for an adventure of a Norsman proportion.   Viking games, dress, names, and skits will brighten your days and evenings among the Vikings on the Mogollon.  You might even find a dragon's egg (or two) sitting about the camp.  Join us with our theme: "Vikings Take Flight!"

SESSION/Camp Dates

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Session 1  May 31- June 3

Session 2  June 6 - 9

Webelos Encampment  June 9 - 12

Session 3  June 13 - 16

Equestrian Camp  June 16 - 19

Session 4  June 20 - 23

Several of the Cub Scout Adventures require an non-denominational service.  To help those who wish to attend,  an interfaith service will be taking place each Sunday at 9:30 , location TBA.

What Campers have to say about R-C

"The Staff was wonderful & very attentive."

"Loved the skits at the Campfire!"

"Anytime I would ask a question they would do what was needed to find the answer."

"Felt they went the extra mile to help my daughter on a Pony ride."

It's a Crawdad kind of thing !

Do we have crawdads?  The Creek is loaded with them!  One of the top activities at camp is to jump in Christopher Creek and with a net, sting with beacon on the end,  or any other thing you can use to catch a bucket full of those critters for the camp crawdad contest.  Ya see,  the Pack with the greatest number of crawdads (by weight) lays hold of the "Baddest Crawdad Catchers" for that session!  Recognition at the closing campfire. 

An oldie, but goodie!

Gives everyone a  good view of life at R-C Family Adventure Camp!

More to come!